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Free Estimates: Estimates are provided 2 to 5 business days after we meet. Please note that we understand your urgency for an estimate, however we like to provide the most accurate estimates possible. For this reason we prefer not to give over the phone estimates and will schedule a meeting with you at your earliest convenience.

Renovations: Depending on the size of the project, these renovations can be time consuming and costly. It is important to know your cost options and have a clear vision of your design and the materials you wish to use. Any significant changes throughout the lifecycle of the project, tend to increase cost. We will gladly discuss our experiences with certain materials and we will research to get the best price available. However, the design decision is ultimately yours.

Hardwood/Laminate Flooring Installation: – Flooring costs vary, depending on materials used and the condition of the sub flooring. Material is sold by square footage. Please note that when purchasing, it is safest to add at least 10% to account for waste on corners or defective pieces. There are flooring auctions that are open to the public that provide very competitive pricing. Underlay for laminate and wax paper for hardwood also have varying price points. To reduce your costs we encourage you to remove existing flooring. However, if you are uncomfortable with this do-it-yourself project, we do offer this service as well.

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Crown Moulding / Baseboards / Trimwork: Mouldings, baseboards and trimwork is quoted based on linear footage.